Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So with recording coming closer and closer by the day we have been in preparation. Johnny Jaguar has been super gluing his fingers to play the Rickenbacker with roar* (mind the pun) fury and not have a blow out. Jet Jaguar has been boiling his strings on his SG to clean them up but to maintain that golden sound. Jersey Jaguar has been scouring the mountainside in search of a tree struck by lightening to turn up the greatest sticks the modern world has ever seen. Jimmy J Jaguar has been drinking warm honey and boiling water whilst vocally warming up for the past week to make sure his growl is definitely in C#. Special guest keyboardist Jowlli Jaguar has been learning to play David Helfgott masterpieces backwards with his eyes shut.

It won't be long now!!

Stay tuned for information on how to get The Jaguars recordings for free.
Till next time!


  1. Is the first comment of the blog? And is it mine? So cool!!!

    And I´m waiting for your songs... As I said in Twitter, I think we need to listen to new sounds nowadays... And I´m feeling you´re going to bring this for us, no?

    Hugs from Rio de Janeiro ...

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  3. Question: Marty, what is your involvement with Hillsong? You were/are my biggest influence as a developing worship leader, besides Jesus of course. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Jaguar recordings.

  4. I heard a rumor that The Jaguars will go on tour with MacGycver next year. My friend Mick told me that it was just a rumor, and that MacGyver is actually just your guys' roadie. What gives?

  5. Hey guys!
    thanks for the questions!! I'll start with the hardest first.

    1. Yes Previ! the first comment is yours.

    2. MacGyver approached us last year when he heard that we were getting the Jaguars together. It was kind of weird as he approached us with a shoe lace and a spoon and talked about how he was going to save the world. Interested and puzzled, we officiated him as our Jaguar roadie.

    His band though was full of bad mullets and apocalypto hip hop. He referred to his style as hipocalypto, we said OK.

    3. Hey Scott! Marty will have to answer that question as currently we are seperated to the 4 corners of the world but bound by 2 causes that both start with J. I will pass on the question to him and hopefully he will be able to bring light to it!!

    Thanks guys,
    Jimmy J Jaguar.

  6. Is the band needing help with Portuguese? I´m here! I´m here! hahah As I said in Twitter, you´re going very well, guys!